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Greece is home to many beautiful regions, all of which offer their own unique charm and beauty. From the famous Greek islands, to the moutainous regions in the Mainland, the entire country is one that has been blessed with stunning scenery and perfect locations for holidays and vacations.

Dionisia Apartments - Pelion The region of the Pelion peninsula is one of the most beautiful and inspiring in Greece. Located in the county of Magnesia which is part of Thessaly, the Pelion peninsula is the perfect combination of sea and mountain, and is a place where you can enjoy rewarding and enjoyable holidays throughout the year.

Once such place is the town of Siki which is a very beautiful mountainous village. Siki is a very peaceful part of Pelion, and is ideal for those who are seeking a place where they can simply unwind and relax.

It is in the traditional Pelion village of Siki that you will find "Dionisia Rooms", just 150 meters from the main village square, where you can enjoy comfortable accommodation in a beautiful location, with some stunning views stretching all the way over to the blue waters of the sea. Our two rooms are the perfect choice for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing setting for your Pelion holidays.

If you have any questions regarding our rooms and accommodation here in Siki, or would like any further information, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have and look forward to welcoming you in the very near future.