Dionisia Rooms - Siki Pelion Greece

Pelion is home to a wide number of beautiful and traditional villages, each with its own charm and beauty. On the eastern coast of the Pelion peninsula you will find a number of authentic villages that offer a true Pelion experience for your holidays and travel in this magical region of Greece.

Siki Pelion The village of Siki is located approximately 38km from the city of Volos and is situated at an altitude of 220 meters. In the main square of the village you will find a couple of local tavernas where you can enjoy a freshly prepared meal. The square is also home to the church of Agios Georgios, and inside you can see some of the very old and impressive icons and religious relics.

Siki was actually destroyed during the Turkish occupation of Greece, as was the monastery of Timiou Prothromou. This monastery was actually rebuilt in 1840 and operates today as a monastery for women.

If you are visiting Siki during the summer months, then there are some lovely beaches close by that are ideal for swimming and relaxation. The beach of Potoki is just 4km away, while the beach of Padazi Ammos is just 4.5km away. If you have your own car or transport, then you can also visit some of the other wonderful beaches you will find all around the Pelion coastline.

Pelion is a wonderful place to visit for relaxing and enjoyable holidays. It is a place of immense natural beauty and is ideal for those who enjoy nature and outdoor activities such as trekking, horse riding, sailing and many others. There are lots of interesting villages and places of interest spread out all over the peninsula, and you can always find something interesting to see or experience.

At Dionisia Rooms, we are delighted to welcome you to Mount Pelion and hope that your stay here with us will be one that you will cherish and enjoy.